10 Top no contract cell phone plans in the US

ROK Mobile: Mint SIM: 3 Month Plan (Small)

We recommend this plan for two simple reasons: low costs and high coverage on T-Mobile’s network. This carrier trusts that phone information – like dog food and like bathroom tissue – ought to be less expensive when you purchase in mass. You pay forthright for three months benefit. Two gigabytes data with great calls and content in the US. As long as your device is unlocked, (i.e., devices from AT&T or T-Mobile) you can purchase this plan.

H20 Wireless: $30 Monthly Unlimited

One is an incredible arrangement which is available from AT&T’s network for under $30/mo with 4 gigabytes of data every month. Data speeds float between 3G/4G speeds (max 8 Mbps) which ought to be excellent for essential data needs, for example, texting and surfing the web. Also, you will get Unlimited International Talk to up to 50 different countries. Any gadget can run this plan as long as it is unlocked (i.e., devices from AT&T or T-Mobile) and you can rely on rollover information up to 10 gigabytes of 4G LTE service. Likewise, you get 10% off your month to month arrangement for when you opt for Auto-Recharge.

Cricket Mobile: 5GB arrangement

Cricket Mobile: 5GB incorporates 5 gigabytes of data (up to 8Mbps) and unlimited calling, data and text to/from Canada and Mexico. Getting such data on a top-notch service provider such as AT&T requiring little to no effort is a suitable arrangement. Any gadget can run this plan as long as it is unlocked (i.e., devices from AT&T or T-Mobile) and you can depend on the additional savings of all in-pricing that incorporates all duties, expenses and extra charges.

Boost Mobile: Unlimited GIGS Plan

For a token of just $50 every month, Boost clients can appreciate unlimited high-speed data, unlimited text and unlimited talk, in addition to data-free music streaming from Spotify, Napster, 8tracks, Slacker Radio, iHeartRadio, Pandora and 8GB of portable hotspot use. Be that as it may, streaming on this plan is slightly restricted meaning it is “mobile optimized.”

T-Mobile’s $50 Simply Prepaid

If you choose to go with T-Mobile, you will get unlimited slow data, 10 gigabytes of full data speed, unlimited texting and unlimited talk, all for just $50 monthly. Simple Prepaid comes with a couple of exemptions: international is excluded, in spite of the fact that you can add on Canada and Mexico roaming for $5 every month. High-speed data at 8Mbps and you will not have the capacity to utilize your device as a versatile hotspot.

US Mobile: Fast LTE Unlimited

On this plan, you can get 4G LTE information (up to 5Mbps) on the speediest LTE network available in the United States. Consumers who go heavy on data for as much as 14 gigabytes may tend to experience slower internet speeds when the system is congested. You can come along with your unlocked device from US mobile to be able to subscribe to this plan. To check if your device is compatible with the LTE SIM card, visit the US Mobile website. US Mobile likewise offers you the alternative of unlocking your device if it is locked.

ROK Mobile: 500MB Unlimited Blue Cell Phone Plan


ROK Mobile came into an agreement with Verizon recently to enable them to offer services on their network, so this means you are not limited to just getting industry-leading value for unlimited text and unlimited talk on this plan. The carrier additionally works on AT&T’s systems, for instance, ROK’s “blue” program which is our present pick for the best-unlimited text and unlimited talk plan in the industry due to its token price of $20 and with coupled with exceptional coverage. ROK Mobile is an MVNO running on the AT&T network and gives incredible coverage for the best available rate (no overages).

Virgin Mobile Inner Circle

Do you own an iPhone or you are already thinking about getting one? Whatever the case may be, Virgin will give you a half year and all for just a dollar —yes you got that right—when you agree to purchase their Inner Circle unlimited plan. You can get all these by merely buying their SIM card for just $9.99.
Virgin takes after Sprint’s lead by offering less expensive unlimited services. If you own an iPhone like the majority of the users in the US, this ticket is a golden one for you. Please note that this deal is not available to users of Android. If you already own a device and you are thinking of purchasing the plan on it, be sure it is compatible with Sprint. However, for Virgin, you have to buy a new iPhone to become eligible.

Verizon Beyond Unlimited

Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited may not be the least expensive plan available, yet it accompanies every one of the fancy odds and perks of subscribing to an unlimited program in the United States. With regards to networks, carrier Verizon is king of them all. While Sprint can boast of 93.42% reliability, T-Mobile has 95.4%, AT&T stands at 96.44% with Verizon topping them all at a reliability score of 97.7%. If you value security over everything else in the network world, then Verizon is your best alternative.

T-Mobile ONE Plus International

Plus International is merely an additional $25 to the impressive features on the T-Mobile’s unlimited ONE plan that also has some essential international advantages. The essential ONE plan provides unlimited texting and 1 hour of data on Gogo-enabled flights, unlimited data, text and talk in Canada and data, text and talk in over140 countries worldwide. ONE Plus International includes all these highlights, plus an additional unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights, twice the data speed abroad and unlimited international calling to mobiles in 30+ countries and landlines in 70+ countries.

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