12 best cases for your Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is a standout amongst the most popular smartphones on the planet, there are hundreds of cases to look over, with a scope of styles, outlines, and highlights. Which one is for you? This list is made up of 12 Samsung S9 cases so glance through and select any that bests suits you.

Speck Presidio Grip

For those with little pockets, then the Speck Presidio Grip is for you. The Speck Presidio Grip is an old-school one-section case that slips effortlessly on and off your Samsung S9. It’s sufficiently light that you won’t even realize you have a case on your phone. It also lets you charge your device wirelessly
Be that as it may, don’t let its size trick you: This thing has additional cushioning in the corners (where your device is most powerless) and a no-slip hold over the back.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid is next on the list. This case has an excellent per-square-inch proportion you’ll ever see. It’s not a two-section case in the way the Defender is, yet it has a separable polycarbonate guard that assimilates stun or shock around the corners and outside edges, and a rough finished grasp on the back. It brings the strength of a more significant case without all the mass.

Casetify Say My Name

If you’re looking for a classy case, then the Casetify Say My Name is for you. This case is dazzling with moving bits of sparkle that buoy forward and backward as you shake or move the device, snowglobe-style. You can get it equipped with pink hearts, silver confetti or even red confetti.

That is a substantial case, yet at the same time a one-layer construct, so it can’t take a lot of a beating as a portion of the more significant alternatives. In any case, consider how much excellent your device will look than those of every one of your companions.

The Mous Limitless

The Mous Limitless is also another great one on the list. While numerous cases out there are intended to appear as though they’re produced using marble, vinyl or wood, the Mous Limitless cases contain various certifiable materials, including walnut. Bamboo and leather.

With regards to strength, nonetheless, Limitless takes care of business. The case is extraordinary “Airshock” material, which assimilates the effect of falling using air pockets without including much weight. Word around has it that this case can protect your device even if it falls from 15 feet. The Limitless adds about 2.3 millimeters to your Samsung’s thickness, a long ways from more significant alternatives.

The Silk Wallet Slayer Volume 2

The Silk Wallet Slayer Volume 2 is next up. We were vast fanatics of this case for iPhone, and we’re similarly attached to its Galaxy S9 variant. With a pocket that can carry some money and three cards if you happen to be one of the few people that still take cash around.

The case is acceptably sharp, with air pockets around the corners to pad a portion of the most noticeably bad effects. There’s a furrow in the back that gives you a chance to prop your device up with your card as a kickstand, so it’s extraordinary for several on the go activities like watching Netflix. Furthermore, rough fixes on the sides make it less demanding to hold than your regular phone case.

The Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case

The Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case. There is a back compartment that holds a multitool that has a knife, nail file, screwdriver, ruler, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. More urban people can likewise have a card in it. There’s additionally a super stable kickstand in the back that effectively overlays in and out. You can get all these and more in this stunner of a case.

The OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox Defender, In case you’re searching for valid insurance, then you can’t get any option better than the OtterBox Defender.

The Defender is OtterBox’s lead arrangement and in light of current circumstances. With a two-layer fabricate, port spreads, and a discretionary holster, you’re probably not going to harm your device when you use this case, regardless of whether you drop it different times each day.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Full-Body Rugged Holster Case

Another great option is the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Full-Body Rugged Holster Case. That is an overwhelming two-layer case with an inherent screen protector. It accompanies port attachments to dirt and dust out of your earphone jack and charging port.

Ribs beside the case help keep it in your grasp, and it accompanies a belt-cut holster. The best part of this case is that unlike the Defender, it’s still sufficiently thin and supports wireless charging.

Samsung S-View Cover

Samsung makes the Samsung S-View Cover. The variants of this case for S8 and S7 have gotten average reviews. The S-View includes a folio-style cover that enables you to swipe through your notifications. It also lets you answer incoming calls. Also, when you fold it in reverse, it makes a simple kickstand.

The RhinoShield CrashGuard guard

The RhinoShield CrashGuard guard. If you would genuinely favor not to put a massive case on your device yet at the same time need some new significant serenity for those unusual circumstances where your device falls out of your hand, then the CrashGuard guard from RhinoShield is for you.
That is an exceptionally very much outlined guard that is rough and shock retaining the edges and so the corners — precisely where you require it most. It’s speedy and simple to install and gives you a chance even now wholly to flaunt the outline of your Samsung S9.

The Lifeproof SLAM case

When you’re dropping over $700+ on a fresh out of the box S9, you need to shield it from everything life may toss at it, particularly if you anticipate spending quite a lot of time outdoors this year.

Lifeproof cases typically protect your phone from snow and dirt. However, the SLAM case centers on safeguarding your device from a fall. Lifeproof says this case can protect your device for up to two meters height fall because of the fortified guards. It also has a robust backplate that is transparent to flaunt the S9’s outline and furthermore perfect for wireless charging. While it’s not precisely as Lifeproof as you’d expect, it is also not expensive like the other Lifeproof’s brands.

The Samsung Alcantara Cover

The Samsung Alcantara Cover. First party adornments are mostly on the more luxury side, so they truly need to offer clients something exceptional. Samsung’s Alcantara covers have been late champions, offering a blend of sound assurance and a comfortable finish for your Samsung gadgets.
The Alcantara case prevailed with the Note 8, so we’re quite glad to see an S9 version of the situation. Produced of Alcantara, a lightweight material that is rough and sturdy while keeping a thin frame factor, you’ll get an in vogue and grippy case that won’t add much mass to the device. If you’ve previously used Note 8 version of this case, then you should try this.

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