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12 best cryptocurrency apps


Coinbase’s allows users to manage their own Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin by means of a lovely UI. It is a top player in the cryptocurrency world, giving their application credibility in the network. Users can purchase, spend and exchange three currencies. They can likewise manage their accounts, acting as PayPal.

Cryptotrax – Coin Portfolio

Are your wallet needs effectively dealt with? CryptoTrax does not bother you too much on the coin you currently have but is more concerned with what you do with the coin now that you have it. All you need to do is to input your exchanges into CryptoTrax’s portfolio and it’ll track the estimation of your holdings, including your prospective losses or profit. If you plan on investing in a new coin but uncertain about its future, the application sends you to tell you when a value drops or ascends to a specific point, so you can be at the perfect place at the opportune time.

Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet is offered by the same organization that made Enjin Coin, the principal cryptocurrency for gaming. While Enjin Wallet clearly supports Enjin Coin, you’ll also discover it supports a significant number of cryptocurrencies. Security is plainly a key component for Enjin Wallet, and the application comes with the alternative of utilizing Enjin’s own safe keyboard and alternatively randomized keys. If you lose your device, you can restore your wallet on a new device by basically writing 12 words on a bit of paper and scan it using the application. Wallet

An application from a noteworthy player in the Bitcoin scene,’s wallet application is applauded for its attractive transfer fees and strong security. The application is ideal for Bitcoin professionals and amateurs alike and it is filled with useful features like the capacity to exchange Bitcoin by means of QR code. Users can purchase Bitcoin right from their wallet, and a master seed backup implies that your information is completely secure and can be accessed anytime.

Delta Portfolio Tracker

Delta calls itself “a definitive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker device” on the prologue to its site, and it has the qualifications to go down that claim. It boasts of support for over 2,000 forms of cryptocurrency, price alerts, and the option to track coins that aren’t yet on a trade by entering custom points of interest. When the coins eventually land, you can simply consolidate your custom entry into the live listing. It has a really amazing arrangement of features, and with a lot more features available on the application, it makes Delta an application that you should definitely have.

Cryptonaut Portfolio Tracker

With maybe the coolest name on this list, Cryptonaut’s main goal is to make monitoring your cryptocurrency simple. Any reasonable person would agree that it is quite tedious to set up your transactions but this application allows you to do it easily by simply inputting your transactions to your portfolio and moving from there. For professional traders, Cryptonaut offers a suite of more detailed alternatives including support for several altcoins and the capacity to exchange against different altcoins or some other fiat money. All of this arrangement is represented by some delightful introduction, with diagrams and information exhibited in a ravishing interface.

Crypto Tracker

An easy tracking application, don’t give Crypto Tracker a chance to put you off on the grounds that it does not have a portion of alternate alternatives you may have expected. Crypto Tracker lets you access the costs of several cryptocurrencies in 14 fiat monetary standards, making this an extraordinary application for exchanging all over the world. Prices are constantly updated by Coin Market Cap so you can be assured of up-to-date prices at all times. Its outline is centered on Google’s Material Design, so it looks incredible, and though it may be somewhat light on highlights, this Android application is as yet an awesome choice for any individual who is not interested in the fancy whistles and bells offered by several applications.


zTrader is an extraordinary solution for monitoring the world of cryptocurrency. It offers a far-reaching scope from twelve or more trades and gives top to bottom analysis of currency in real time. It additionally offers 25 bit AES encryption with API keying, an unmistakable addition for the security conscious. zTrader was created for the serious because it is a complex application with a learning curve only serious traders would be interested in. Be that as it may, it conveys a gigantic measure of data that a novice or an amateur might really not be interested in. There is an in-built chatroom that you can use to communicate with other users. Downloading this application is absolutely free but bear in mind that you will have to spend more on purchases within the app for you to really unleash all of its advantages.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

If you want a total management application, then you’ll love Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet. It has a solid mass of security with private keys that stay with the device. These blocks cannot be moved unless them to. Several accounts can be coordinated via the application, the formation of a PIN to prevent unauthorized login and considerably more. You get a local trader component for individual-to-individual transactions. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet additionally provides support for KeepKey, Trezor as well as Ledger. While the interface is not as appealing as the others, the application is equipped with several other rich features.

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg

A great exceptional choice in the digital money world, Bitcoin Wallet includes a basic easy to understand interface. There are basics, for example, currency trade rates and support for over 12 currencies Bitcoin accounting reports. The application likewise has outstanding security which means only you can have access to your data. If you are still studying the market and not yet ready to fully dive in, you should stick to this application.


Blockfolio is for the legit cryptocurrency user. This application allows a snappy survey for people who know what it means to invest. There’s a notification feature that constantly alerts you when prices get to their targeted thresholds. With over 800+ cryptocurrencies being track, you can retrieve information from all of them. The application has an inbuilt news section that allows you to keep up the most recent happenings in the business. This free application is unquestionably worth every data spent to download it and every investor should have it.

ph Wallet Wallet was created for the user that wishes to monitor daily investment activities, making payments, funds transfer and checking balances. With its great Material Design, has shopping alternatives that include purchasing gift vouchers from more than 120 traders. There is additionally a search feature used for locating banks and local retailers for finding retailers and banks. The user reviews about this application are highly impressive and this simply means the application is worth checking out.

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