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6 best car insurance apps you should get

All the auto insurance organizations in the market have thought of helpful and handy insurance applications to help cater to their clients’ needs. The claims are in such a way that their users can carry out basic tasks and manage their documents and files through the applications.

A significant portion of the best auto insurance applications update is released to incorporate the most recent insurance highlights with a specific end goal to emerge top in the market. Technology is the key, and all auto insurance organizations are attempting to follow this pattern by providing state of the art user-friendly mobile applications for their customers.

Auto insurance applications not just offer roadside assistance to drivers, it takes care of the finances related to your car, provides other handy features that a driver wants to have, and acts as a GPS locator. Most of the applications assist in doing fundamental tasks like filing claims, making payments, and checking documents.

The following are the best six auto insurance applications. Every one of them comes with a unique feature, and they are the most favored in the world of auto insurance.


The Geico handy application is the most favored auto insurance application which does all the advanced and essential functions of a car insurance owner. The app is responsive and simple to use for users of auto insurance.

Why you should pick this application:

• Check all your invoices and documents by this application
• The portable application from GEICO has positive reviews.
• Claims quickly are filled with the application.
• Support has never been comfortable as the application comes with a chat feature.
• It is one of the auto insurance applications that comes with a state of the art design.

Allstate App

Allstate is a prestigious name in the auto insurance industry. This app is a state of the art tool for auto insurance owners and spreads the whole gambit of auto protection. With this app, you can rest assured you have total control of your vehicle insurance.

Why you should pick this application:

• It can be used to find operators close to your destination.
• You can quickly check your subtle document elements whenever you want to.
• It can pinpoint the driver’s current location via GPS.
• Payments made through the app as well as filing claims.

State Farm App

The State Farm app is the official application for all State Farm auto insurance agency. The request from State Farm has a delightful outline and looks sophisticated. The form has every one of the highlights required for State Farm clients and gives a clean interface to the clients.

Why you should pick this application:

• You can pay your accident insurance charges through the application
• You can get your complete data for your yearly installments.
• It can assists you in any mishaps through roadside help highlight.
• Assists the account holder to check insights about their insurance coverage like any other insurance application

Esurance App

One of the applications that have significantly progressed through consistent updates is the Esurance application. The app is intended to substantially play around the fundamental functionalities that you find in an auto insurance application. Clients can expect more updates from this application with the forthcoming releases.

Why you should pick this application:

• Helps you update your payment strategy easily.
• When making a claim, you can attach and send in pictures as proof.
• Get auto insurance deals for numerous insurance takers.
• The application gives you opinions regularly according to the scope of your coverage.
• The application offers roadside help to all users of the Esurance auto insurance application.

Progressive App

Almost all the auto insurance agencies have applications on Google Play, however, the most elevated and evaluated is the Progressive application. It lets you connect with your operator, pay your bill, review your policy and access your cards, which can be a genuine lifeline if you get pulled over and don’t have printed duplicates on you.

Why you should pick this application:

• You can access your insurance cards and update your policy.
• Getting in touch with your agent is swift as pushing a button.
• The application comes with an easy-to-use and clean interface.
• You can easily access all your insurance documents, and this comes in handy many times.
• You can quickly pay your bills.

Cuvva App

Cuvva has stepped into the market with a different idea that provides auto insurance for cars every hour. The hourly auto insurance application is anything but complicated to use as you have to enter the number plate digits of the borrowed car and the number of hours you want it insured.

• Why you should pick this application:
• A timely message to Cuvva hourly insurance for help
• Get hourly insurance coverage through the Cuvva application.
• You can ensure your car hourly for up to 24 hours.

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