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Android Oreo 8.0

So you may have been seeing Oreo in numerous gadgets as Google extends its rollout. The most mainstream devices to convey the Oreo update are Xiaomi, Google Pixel XL, and Google Pixel. Other phone brands like HMD Global, Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Huawei received the updates afterward. The organization reported Project Treble (for the folks who don’t have Google-branded devices) to ensure that the Android Oreo update gets to a lot of tools, unlike the previous updates. Going by its core functionalities and features – Here is what the new OS updates have brought to the table since released.

Smart text selection

The text selection in the Android Oreo update is going to ‘rock’ – as the OS will know to choose all the text when you attempt to duplicate and address. Also, the smart text selection feature component can tap on the selected content.

This functionality makes it less demanding and faster to utilize the gadget. If it is an address you’re trying to copy, it will begin direction there. If what you’re trying to copy is a phone number, you can dial it directly from the page it is on.

Video Multi-tasking

This feature isn’t entirely new to Android. The photo in-picture feature in the Oreo update makes it easy for the user to switch from one screen to the next.

Let’s say you were watching Avengers and you realize there’s a text you need to send immediately. You can keep the movie in a little window and still type and send an SMS. This feature is great for all devices but superb if you have a bigger screen.

You will have the capacity to pop a video screen out of its application into a little board on the screen, allowing you to watch the video and still do other things on the device. You will doubtlessly enjoy the outstanding flexibility and multi-tasking features included in the Oreo update.


Android Oreo allows the notification dots to show up over the applications. In the previous updates, and it was difficult seeing which apps had announcements after you accidentally close them. Just a single tap on the notification dots and the contextual menu actions pops up.

The Oreo update introduced the dots appearing on the app with the notification so users can have a sneak peek at the activity in the app without having to open it up entirely. You can swipe the notification bar and get insights about the action on the app. That is similar to Apple’s 3D Touch empowered bubble pop-ups. A long push on the circle above the application symbol will fly up the show and show more details.


Device users do not have to pass through the torment of writing information every single time, as the ‘Autofill’ included in Android Oreo update fills the data whenever needed. The data is supplied by the OS automatically from the web or the application data.

It is difficult always to remember your passwords when browsing the web. The past variant of Android OS enabled you to utilize various bizarre workarounds to will allow you to duplicate and fill in your record points of interest.

The Android Oreo update allows applications to use a few tricks to enable you autofill your passwords or account details. All you only need to do is pick autofill providers in any input settings or language you choose. Android will ask for subtle login elements shape the application at whatever point you require.

Adaptive application symbols

Google is encouraging its clients to communicate more with application symbols as can be seen in this new update. It is a feature update and it amazing to see and think what developers could do with it. Developers will have the option of interacting more with the icons because they are now engaging and a bit fun. The application symbols could spring up when users communicate with them or when the user is browsing through the device’s home screen.

Great speed and execution

As per Google, Android Oreo will stack the applications and boot the gadget at twofold the rate of Android Nougat, bringing about a sleeker task execution. Google’s finished with an entire heap of work under the excellent update to make its operation faster on the mobile platform. This feature is one that will impress the developers. Google additionally restrained the recurrence of location updates in the background for better operation of the device.

Great energy to Google Assistant

The new OS Android OS gives extra powers to Google Assistant making it significantly more helpful. Google Assistant will be available to developers, who can use it inside their applications.

This kind of advancement is required if it is to wind up indispensable. Google guarantees that Assistant will develop and advances past, savvy gadgets.

Play more with new emoticons

There is presumably no doubt that emoticon is solidly spicing up our everyday life. They even have an emoji movie right now if I may say. Google submitted itself to the most recent augmentations of the regularly growing emoticon family in
Android Oreo update.

With regards to giving the clients new emoticon, Google trails Apple. The incorporation of most recent emojis will probably enchant the Homeland Generation. The Oreo updates bring forward a lot of emoji updates so be sure to download and install it on your gadgets. Along these lines, keep out for a crisp new look when Android Oreo arrives on your device.

Enhanced Battery life

The primary focal point of Android Oreo is excellent control over the applications, security, speed and battery life. Google is moving moderating toward its opponent Apple’s iOS with extraordinary limitations with use. The restrictions put on background applications reduce the workload required of the device, accelerating the device’s operation. That implies every one of the gadgets will see more battery life once as soon as the Android Oreo updates.

Google says that Android Oreo is significantly more astute with regards to letting applications keep running in the background, decreasing the power required by the device to stay awake. That leaves a more significant amount of the battery to use in assignments that you utilize routinely.

Keyboard navigation

The most significant advancement in the Android Oreo OS is the keyboard navigation. It allows users navigate more effortlessly with a more robust and predictable model for “tab” and “arrow” navigation. This feature is comforting both to developers and end users.

Google is set to include Sony’s LDAC codec to enhance the low-latency sound. The camera is not also left out in this update. Google added more features to the camera application, offering a twofold tap highlight to get half zoom rapidly. Android application developers trust these new highlights will be a distinct advantage for them.

At last, no Android OS would finish without the inclusion of the Easter egg. Be that as it may, the one we find in Android Oreo isn’t the most noteworthy one we have seen till date. Go to settings and tap System – > About Phone. You will see colossal Android O as appeared on the screen. Tap it over and again to get an octopus.

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