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Best 12 learning apps for android

The Android Market has an application for relatively every possible undertaking, so why leave away the most essential; the educational apps. From genuine applications that assist students to solve equations in schools to several other learning recreations designed for kids, the Play Store has everything.

The following is a list of 12 great applications for learning and educational purposes:

Chemistry Helper

The application is really is a major assistant in Chemistry with an intermittent table, connections to Wikipedia articles and different scientific devices to figure atomic masses, compound masses and different computations relating to Chemistry. The application is of great assistance to students’ references and quick calculations. It can be downloaded from Play Store and has an ad-free version as well

My Class Schedule: Timetable

My Class Schedule gives you a chance to keep up with your study hours, timetable as well as your lesson plans. It is effective, light and simple to utilize. The application keeps you updated about your up and coming classes and helps you to remember exams and incomplete homework. Try not to miss a solitary class or task with this stunning time table application.

Vocabla: English vocabulary

Vocabla is an application for enhancing your English vocabulary. You can decipher, gather and retain words, expressions, phrases and different lumps of languages. It resembles a word dictionary that always remembers your vocabulary. The application incorporates streak periodic tests flash cards to help with recalling new words. It additionally has details for your development and progress. Periodical rankings help motivate you to take in more!

English Grammar Book

English is currently the language of the majority and is required around the world. We always know how to talk and compose English, however, we are reluctant as we are not very beyond any doubt about our command over the language grammar. English Grammar Book has test and notes on rudiments like adverbs, prepositions, tenses, voices and several grammatical syntax.


Crosswise over a large number of domains– with consistently additions– WolframAlpha utilizes its tremendous collection of data and algorithms to process answers and produce reports for you. These domains incorporate Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Thermodynamics, Statistics, Mathematics and several others.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is already understood as an extraordinary method to learn a new language, but I’m very sure you haven’t realized it can be downloaded to your Android phone. With access to 28 distinct languages, a gradual pace that is ideal for working up your confidence, and discretionary live coaching, and this is why Rosetta Stone is the best with regards to applications for learning. Regardless of whether you want to learn for no particular reason, or you want to become fluent in a language you already know, this is an incredible place to begin. This program will give you a chance to figure out how to read, write and communicate in a new language, with an emphasis on developing trust in word pronunciation and the capacity to sync progress over your devices.

With regards to language applications, Rosetta Stone is at the top of the list. There’s a justifiable explanation behind that as well. For a considerable length of time, Rosetta Stone has dominated the world of language learning over its mobile and PC platforms and this has been incredible. While purchasing the full program is somewhat expensive, it is indeed a great choice for your wallet if you are considering learning a new language in the future.

Kids Numbers and Math Lite

Is there any application better than one that engages and teaches your child? This application has an outwardly engaging interface with brilliant hues and animations that attracts kids to learn fundamental math while playing. The application centers on naming, comparison, counting, subtraction and addition.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Are you interested in learning a new language? You should give the Duo-Lingo application a trial. Italian, Portuguese, French, German and a lot more are on the menu. Simple to utilize, delightful interface and a well-ordered manual to make the learning process seem so doable and easy. When you answer questions incorrectly, you lose hearts, keep tabs on your development with sparkling accomplishments and progress by completing bite-sized lessons.


Do you have an English paper that is due? Do you need to read an English exemplary, however, you are very busy? SparkNotes is the application for you. This application is synonymous with reports being made simple! Comprehend the complexities and subtleties of English writing from renowned scholars in a way you love and understand. You can likewise create groups and offer new material. Check-in your study areas to enable members of your group join you and help you complete that report in no time.


From towns to cities, continents and capitals, MapMaster is your pathway to learning them all! It is fun and reward point-based features help keep you locked in. Find streams, lakes, mountain ranges and islands as quickly as you can in one of the Time Attacks. Go up against your family and friends in a custom game where as many as 10 players can play on one device. You can train before you play in study mode.


In case you’re searching for a strong appealing choice for learning a new language, Babbel is a very strong alternative. It offers a membership for access to the full list, yet it isn’t as expensive as some of the alternatives out there. Every language is comprised of an assortment of courses from starting vocabulary to syntax and writing in the language you have chosen to learn.

Every lesson has to be downloaded to your device, however, they only take a while before you can properly get in. Those lessons are always brief, making them simple to shake through whenever you want to. The number of languages on the application sums up to 15 and English, German, Portuguese and Spanish are on the list.

Celeste SE

This application is addictive and incredibly delightful. Zoom in to see the points of interest in the solar system and its components. The application is well detailed with a 3-D world appeal and delightful animations. An awesome way to enthrall and teach your kids while having a sense of wonder in the process.

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