6 best productivity apps for Android

Many apps out there have been designed to enhance productivity. Are these apps good? We have highlighted a few apps designed for productivity:

1. TickTick

TickTick is one of my favorite apps in the Google Play Store.
It helps you manage your day by adding task, calendar to the platform. You won’t be wasting your time doing unnecessary tasks.

Your work schedule will be efficient, and this will save your energy. At the beginning of every week, the app helps you map out a successful routine. When it gets to the end of the week, you will have a reflection of how the week went, and also helps to optimize next week to be more effective.

2. Todolist

Todolist makes it easy for one to prepare tasks and make a to-do list. It helps you create a more disciplined personality at work and teaches you how to make out time for important events.

Over 5 million people use this app daily to organize their tasks, their schoolwork, their personal lives and everything else. There are graphs available to better monitor your progress and visualize your productivity.

3. Toggl

Toggl turns the customary timesheets into a different and interactive piece, and this enables productivity to be duly measured. It helps everyone stay committed to their respective goals and helps improve productivity among teams. Do you spend so much time on projects?

Set up tasks, and track your day, week, month or a year. Consolidated time utilization reports will give bunches of bits of knowledge into your work administration.

Do you think you should change your time management habits? Toggl reports will demonstrate to you how productive your day has been. Analyzing this data gives you the chance to move needs and amplify profitable time.

4. Trello

Trello is a visual task administration and joint effort device. Through an arrangement of sheets, records and cards, clients can sort out work and groups, make errands, relegate them, organize and monitor progress. The application is anything but difficult to use with a natural interface and simplified innovation. It is exceptionally adaptable and can be utilized as a part of various routes by a people from different fields, from families, venture groups, to schools and non-benefit gatherings. It is a concentrated space in the cloud where individuals can convey, share documents, post thoughts, see verifiable changes and refreshes, and be notified. In the event that you require an awesome addition to control your cards, Bridge24 for Trello is the best option for you.

5. Evernote

This application lets you make notes, issue reminders and write documents for yourself. Evernote also lets you place your work into several notebooks and lets you share your collaborative efforts at work. This productive tool is one of the most popular ones around. The app recently improved its functionality with the newly developed feature that allows you search for keywords in your document rather than search the titles alone. Better yet, Evernote syncs automatically and this means you’ll never get to lose content or note saved on other devices you use.

To fully enjoy Evernote is to focus on it and bounce in with the two feet. It truly begins to demonstrate its splendor once you begin utilizing it as your default webclip/ bookmark application, notetaker, formula box, the vault of all your reference material, et cetera. Traditionally, it is ideal to have ALL the data you require saved and archived and can be located on any platform you desire. You will love opening it up during a meeting and recording the entire discussion alongside your notes. In the event that you miss something, you can simply come back to it after the meeting.

6. Haystack

When you’re at a meeting or a conference and prospective clients offer you their business cards, what do you do with it? Haystack is your solution if you do not have anything useful to do with them. You could also not know where to place them. Haystack has the ability to digitally save data from business cards and add the details to your phone. This will automatically generate a business card and save to your phone. You can also send the generated business card to others. Business cards until this day are an important aspect of every business. Haystack takes away the clutter ad mess of having to look for the email address or business card of that client last month.

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