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How to use Canva for Students

How to use Canva for Students?

by The Android Valley

Canva is a free graphic design and image composition tool. It allows students to easily create class projects and documents, presentations, infographics, artwork, social media graphics, and more with thousands of layouts.

You will have millions of photographic images, vectors, and illustrations at your disposal, or you can upload your file. You can edit your photos with predefined filters, or you will have advanced editing tools at your disposal. You will also have icons, shapes and elements, and hundreds of fonts at your disposal. Perfect for students to use both in class and in an online classroom to present the work materials attractively.

How to use Canva’s online design tool?

  • Register: To start using Canva, you need to register. You can do this via your social media accounts or email. To request a free version for the school, you need to access the dedicated page.
  • Starting a project: once registered, you access the main page. From here, in the internal search bar, you can select the type of project you want to start. 
  • The templates: Canva provides templates and examples of projects, divided by category. In the “Education” section, there are several templates: lesson calendar, creation of certifications, mind maps, graphic design, storyboards, artwork, presentations, worksheets.
  • Create and edit: Once you have selected the type of project, Canva opens on another page: this is the edit section. Here it is possible to work on the project, choosing the fonts, the images to insert, the layouts, the animations, and other specifications to be discovered. As with Google Drive files, Canva also saves updates and changes to the project automatically.
  • Download the project: at any time, you can download the project you are working on. Also, in this case, various formats and various sizes are available depending on the needs.
  • It is also possible to share the project via messaging app, on social networks, or save it in Google Drive; by connecting Canva to your accounts.
  • Present: a very convenient function is the possibility to present the project as if it were a PowerPoint presentation. This feature supports video calls with popular applications such as Meet, Zoom, Teams.

 How to use Canva in education?

Canva allows students and teachers to create a wide variety of educational materials and resources easily adapted to our needs and tastes. It is a simple and intuitive tool to use. You do not need to have design knowledge.

I recommend its free version. It has many specific options for education and to create attractive resources. We can work by printing the material or projecting it on the digital board.

What formats can you create for your classroom?

  • Educational games – worksheets: perfect for reviewing a topic in a fun way, or practice on a subject, history, mathematics, science, language. It is super easy to create these games or worksheets, the wide range of templates, sizes very varied allows you to create very diverse games.
  • You can use Canva images and layouts to create slides.
  • You can use Canva templates to create cards for special events.
  • Also, use Slide templates to design web pages online.
  • Many free logos and icons allow you to customize the class experience by creating mascot images. You can use it on class documents.
  • Infographics: they are ideal documents to combine representative images of different concepts. It is an easy way for students to understand concepts.
  • Outlines-summary: you only have to use the Canva search engine. You will get many different templates to make schematic and attractive summaries.
  • Graphs: It will help you to visualize the relationships of different sets. And to understand them more easily the complex data.

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