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Chrome Extensions for Graphic Designers: The 3 Most Useful


1. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is the next app on our list. In graphic design, you’ll almost certainly come across a variety of colors with very specific values, as you would imagine. Chrome addon ColorZilla makes it easy to locate and identify colors on the web.

After the extension has been installed, all you have to do is click on the ColorZilla button on your extension bar to get started. This add-on has a wide range of features that you may make use of.

ColorZilla’s eyedropper tool, for example, makes it easy to retrieve the color of every pixel on any website. You just need to click on an object on your screen to receive the color in both RGB and hex values.

Additionally, a sophisticated color picker is included in ColorZilla, allowing you to manually choose any precise shade of hue. Anyone who has taken a logo design course or is acquainted with color selection should have no trouble using this.

The interesting thing about ColorZilla is that it provides you with extensive information about the element from which you’re extracting the color, including the element’s tag name and class. When it comes to online and graphic design, this is a very useful function to have.


2. WhatFont

If you’re a graphic designer, you’ve probably used a useful tool before. So, here are the top five Chrome extensions that might help you get things done more efficiently.

WhatFont is the first item on this list. With this Chrome plugin, you can recognize any font on any website with the touch of a button. As you would expect.

In order to utilize WhatFont, you just need to go to the Chrome Web Store and install it. Your cursor will now reveal the font of anything it is hovering over after you click on the WhatFont button given.

Using this tool, you’ll always know precisely what font you’re looking at, regardless of where you are on the page. Whatever your needs may be, WhatFont can provide it. If you need more, check out WhatFont’s extensive database.

Click on the text you’re interested in learning more about, and WhatFont will expand into a little box and provide you with as much information as it can on that particular text.

Font information such as style, weight, size, and color may be found right here. Also included is a sample alphabet, so you can see how the remainder of the characters will appear.

If you’re looking to compare two typefaces that seem similar to your eyes, you may open numerous of these boxes to do so.

3. Color Palette

What if you’ve ever tried to get inspiration from an existing picture? You know how much effort it may be to find the most crucial parts of an image, brand, or website.

Site Palette, on the other hand, streamlines the procedure considerably. Using Site Palette, you can quickly and simply create a color palette from any website you visit.

After the extension is installed, you just click on the Site Palette button to build a fast palette of the site’s most prominent colors. This is pretty much the only functionality of the extension. This might give you an idea of what colors work and what don’t, which is a significant error in graphic design that you want to avoid.

Site Palette can do more than just that, though, and that’s why it’s so handy. Despite this, the extension has a wide range of options.

Creating a palette and then sharing a link to it is an example of this functionality. Palette pictures may also be created, reviewed, and downloaded.

As an Adobe Swatch user, you’ll be able to utilize the extension’s built-in support for that as well. Additionally, the addon provides compatibility for and Google Art Palette palettes.

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