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Google pay now supports your plane boarding passes and movie tickets

Google Pay received a significant update at Google I/O recently. During a breakout session, Google reported a progression of changes to its payment platform. Newly rebranded from Android Pay, support for tickets and boarding passes in Google Pay’s APIs.

The organization highlighted a handful of new features at I/O that are presently taking off over the Google Pay platform. One remarkable option upgrade is support for support for P2P payments to the Google Pay application in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. All the transaction history, alongside clients’ other fees, will all be solidified into one place.

“In a future update to the Google Pay application, we will grant you full control over all the payment strategies in your Google account – not only the payment methods that were available for you to use in-store,” said the Product Management lead at Google Pay.

Google also said it would enable clients to view their transaction history on the web via the Google Pay iOS app, manage their payment information linked to their Google accounts, request for money and also send money. First off, Google propelled another API for incorporating Google Pay into various third-party applications.

“By means of our APIs, we will enable these prepared to-pay clients [who as of now have payment data linked with their Google Pay] to likewise check out rapidly and effectively in your websites and applications,” Capiel said. Those developers who add Google Pay support will benefit from this because there’s an increase in faster monetization and conversion rates, he noted. Additionally, Google included support for boarding passes and tickets to the Google Pay APIs, where there is existing support for loyalty cards and offers.

The permits businesses such as DotDashPay and Urban Airship to enable their customers to update and distribute their tickets and boarding pass to Google Pay clients. “It demonstrates a significant commitment on Google Pay’s part to make the computerized wallet on top of the priority list,” CEO and founder of DotDashPay, Sean Arietta told TechCrunch, following the introduction. “It likewise strengthens their emphasis on partners like DotDashPay to help reinforce connections between brands and customers. The way that they are particularly featuring an entire affair that begins with payments and tops it off with an NFC tap-to-identify is compelling. With this, the Google Pay story is now complete,” he concluded.

Urban Airship was likewise touting the progressions not long ago, using a public statement. “We aid businesses to reexamine the client encounter by conveying the correct information at the ideal time on any digital channel, and mobile wallets fill an inexorably basic part in that vision,” leader and CEO of Urban Airship Brett Caine, said. “Google Pay’s new support for tickets and boarding passes implies clients will dependably have up and coming data when they require it most – on the go.”

A portion of Google’s initial access partners on ticketing include FortressGB, Southwest, Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, which handles most of the soccer league tickets in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Regarding related travel announcements, Google included some more partners who will soon adopt Google Pay integration, including the U.K., Canada, Vancouver bus system, following late dispatches in Portland and Las Vegas. The organization additionally offered a report on Google Pay’s traction, adding that the Google Pay application just recorded over 100 million downloads in the Google Play store, where is available for download to several millions of markets in the world.

Before long, Google said it would dispatch a significant number of the core features and the Google Pay application worldwide to billions of Google users all around the world.

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