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How to Download and Install Android Auto 7.9 Immediately

It’s no secret that Android Auto upgrades are eagerly awaited by consumers, and this summer, there’s a good reason for that.

Google introduced Coolwalk, a major redesign, at its annual developer conference earlier this year. To make it easier for users to operate a variety of applications at once, Coolwalk separates the user interface into a series of cards, similar to how Apple’s CarPlay dashboard works.

Apps like Google Maps and Waze will take up the main portion of the card, much as on the CarPlay dashboard. Apps like Spotify, Google Voice, and Android Auto’s weather app will all have access to smaller screens.

As a consequence, consumers welcome Android Auto upgrades with open arms, and the most recent 7.9 beta is no exception.

As a preface, it’s important to remember that this is still a beta. The idea is that users may hunt for flaws and submit them to Google before the public version is ready, therefore it should only be used for testing.

Android Auto 7.9 does not feature Coolwalk by default, so if you’d want to test it out today, you’ll need to download it separately. Even though we’ve been aware for a long that the code is available, Google doesn’t seem ready to implement it just yet.

Android Auto 7.9 is only accessible to beta testers, so you’ll need to download and install it on your own. In other words, you’ll need to download and install the APK installer on the Android phone you’ll be using to connect to your car’s head unit.

This may seem difficult, but it’s really rather simple. However, the APK packaging is very much the Android counterpart of the MSI or EXE Windows installers, so it shouldn’t be much more complicated than installing a Windows program on your PC.

You may get the newest Android Auto 7.9 beta version by downloading the standalone APK installer from this website. Please enable the download, since certain browsers may warn that it’s downloading an APK installation, which might pose a risk to your device.

Afterward, all you have to do is run the APK installer that’s already on your device. You’ll notice that your Android device warns you of security dangers and, more often than not, it’ll demand specific permissions to install an app using the APK file.

When this happens on a Samsung smartphone, you’ll be prompted to give these rights, which include a shortcut to the menu choice for installing applications from unknown sources. Due to your device’s default settings, which only allow applications from the Google Play Store to be downloaded and installed, you will need to do this step.

Android Auto 7.9 beta should be up and running in a matter of seconds after the installation is complete. Android Auto will override your old version if you always install the latest version. You don’t need to erase your prior installation.

Even though Android Auto 7.9 is said to have bug fixes and performance improvements, there’s a risk you’ll run across new problems. If you’re running a beta version of an app, these are the risks you’re taking in order to ensure the smoothest possible production deployment of the app to non-testing devices.

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