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ThinQ is a name you will be seeing more in coming years from LG. Pronounced ‘think,’ it’s the AKA for the organization’s artificial-intelligent buyer hardware, including smart speakers, TVs and recently, smartphones.

The LG G7’s camera, yet that is by all account, not the only territory where LG has made smart enhancements. The G7 additionally has a recent ‘Boombox’ plan, utilizing the telephone’s interior chamber to enhance its bass power.

LG is known for being inventive with regards to sound – maybe most broadly with its G5 cell phone, which had a Hi-Fi Plus DAC module and in the end, conquered the market back in 2016. We trust the G7 will emulate its example, and keeping in mind that we just had a short measure of time with LG’s new cell phone, this is all that we found out about this smartphone.


At first glance, the G7 looks like numerous other premium Android cell phones available. There’s a score at best – Android architects can’t resist copying the iPhone X as it is– however a ‘chin’ at the base gives a non-iPhone X look that makes the device strike a glimpse of its own.

When one entryway shuts, another opens as the earphone jack at the base of the smartphone. There’s likewise a USB-C port used for connectivity and charging the device.

There’s a button beside the phone dedicated to Google Assistant, just like how the most recent Samsung smartphones have a dedicated button for the Bixby personal assistant. When long pressed, it summons Google Lens which is a camera mode that can remove data from the subject of the picture, and when short pushed, it summons the voice assistant.

Capture a business card, and you will have the option of saving the phone number or address to a contact; point it at a work of art, and you’ll get more data about the craftsman or artist. It’s an astute component and shows how centered LG is around inspiring you to utilize AI (and gathering information as you use it).


Be that as it may, even without the Google Lens, the LG G7’s camera still can analyze your pictures. With 19 presets to improve your photograph look, its two 16MP lenses function admirably with the smartphone’s software. We take a photograph of a burger, and the smartphone recognized it as a foodstuff and changed the look of the picture as it ought to be.

This feature does works, but rather ineffectively. Amid our short demo, words fly up everywhere throughout the screen, featuring articles and disclosing to you. Nonetheless, the scattergun approach recommends that it can’t yet deal with complex items. Capturing a table of wine and gin, the various words that flew up include: ketchup (there was no ketchup); swimwear; the magnificence of nature; sky; poodle; and melodic instrument.

Other aspects of the smartphone are surprising, for example, it’s specific ‘Super Bright Camera’ mode that turns on whenever it detects darkness. The functions admirably, with some snappy snaps of blossoms in a dark room having a satisfyingly bright and itemized picture, in spite of the murkiness.

An SMD845 CPU fuels the LG G7 with a RAM of 4GB. There’s 64GB of capacity as well, which compares to roughly 16,567, songs. If you happen to be playing those melodies through earphones, you have the alternative to utilize the DTS:X 3D setting – which provides a more extensive version of the sound, much like Dolby Atmos.

There’s likewise a flip in the settings for the G7’s Hi-FI Quad DAC where you can switch on the equalizer and change the digital filter. Notwithstanding, earphones are not given at the demo occasion, so amid our time reviewing the LG G7, we had to work without them. For a cell phone, playing music without earphones leaves a decent initial introduction. To our ears, the ‘boombox’ design includes additional strength, profundity, and precision to a song.

Michael Jackson’s Blood On The Dancefloor has a more noteworthy kick than we’ve heard so many times from these excellent speakers. So far so good, the device is off to a promising start.


While we didn’t have an opportunity to try out the show appropriately, it wasn’t difficult to notice that the LG G7 looks satisfyingly sharp and brilliant.

It’s 3120×144, and the 6-inch screen is positively great as designed, and LG states the smartphone will have the capacity to show HDR10 content as well.

LG additionally says that the smartphone remains equipped with putting out 1000 nits, and keeping in mind that this is true. By tapping a flip on a full slider, brightness is obtained, which supports the display for a few seconds.

Much as we’d appreciate the luxury to have this on continuously, it would wear out the smartphone and slaughter the battery, so we’ll need to manage with the 850 nits gave without the lift.

First impressions

Be that as it may, for all the G7’s excellent characteristics, we can’t resist the urge to feel our opportunity with it is somewhat uncertain. There are various Android smartphones out there that have made comparable progress, regardless of whether that is having a notch, dual cameras or cameras highlighting AI. Things we would somehow or another be excited about, for example, changes to sound quality, require a more drawn out measure of time to test before we can appropriately review them.

Ideally, we will have more to be excited for when we go through some more time with the smartphone, yet our concise acquaintance has yet with overwhelming us with what the LG G7 is genuinely all about.

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