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Optimized Android tablets for Google Drive, Docs, and other Workspace applications

Google said at I/O 2022 that more than 20 of its first-party applications will be optimized for tablet use.” Google Drive, Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Keep have already experienced a number of releases since May, and further improvements are on the way that will enhance multitasking on Android tablets.

“When you have two screens open on your large-screen device,” the initial tablet optimization is drag-and-drop. Google demonstrated three uses for the Keep feature, which is now accessible on smartphones:

It’s now possible to drag & drop text and pictures from other applications, like Chrome or Sheets, directly into a document or spreadsheet cell.

Drag and drop files into Google Drive to swiftly upload them. To add links to Drive files, just drag the file into Keep and then drop it there. In addition, by dragging photographs from the image carousel in Keep, you may easily incorporate them into other applications.

When a keyboard dock is connected to your tablet, you’ll be able to use “known” keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs, Slides, and Drive. Undo and redo are also included in this. When it comes to accessibility:

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