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The eight food delivery apps you must-have during the COVID-19.

Best food delivery apps

by The Android Valley

From shopping to paying bills, Apps make our work immensely simple and promptly accessible at the snap of our fingers. Today, access to delicious meals has been made simple.

Ordering lunch at the eatery is never again required – simply search up your most favorite meals with one of the apps, requests, and pay. You don’t need to stress over the person having misheard the name of a specific dish or read out your credit card number. Here are the 10 best food delivery apps for android in 2020.


Food Delivery App

Eat hot and fresh meals whenever you order from Caviar. The application gives you access to many great eateries in your city. They have great expertise in delivering meals in 15 minutes during lunchtime or peak dinner.

The application allows you to add special notes to the chef and the option of customizing the meal you have ordered. Caviar additionally offers a shared cart so your office colleagues can pick their own lunch. They offer services in cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Miami, and more cities coming right up.


Postmates is an amazing app to use when you want to order food. They have great expertise in delivering anyplace and if your order is above $20, your delivery is free.

Other than working in a few urban areas of the United States, the application additionally delivers food in various cities. Orders ranging from groceries, birthday gifts, pet food, pizza, drinks, cake, and more can be made on this application.

Uber Eats

Delectable nourishment is readily available! With UberEATS on board, you never need to hold up long for your meals to arrive. When you have chosen your menu and ready to place your order, the application will you the time estimated, your address, and your total bill.

All you need to do is just to create an UBER account to make a payment or you simply do it the traditional method using your credit card. UberEATS is currently accessible in a few countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Canada, South Africa, United States, Australia, India, France, and some more.

There are tons of people who downloaded this application and left amazing reviews. It is really a popular app when it comes to food deliveries.


The application is a standout amongst the most adored food delivery applications in the United States. Whether you’re placing an express order or you’re ordering from them for the first time, GrubHub guarantees that they deliver meals to their clients on time.

You likewise get push notifications to check with the status of your order. GrubHub lets you put in a request for four days later in the event that you have an important visitor who you would prefer not to wait.

All the neighborhood restaurants close to your home have been registered in this application. You can find your favorite meals when you use the Easy Search feature. There are around 1,100 cities that GrubHub currently has in the works.


Eat24 covers in excess of 1,500 urban cities and the application is still expanding their reach. You can search for food from top-rated restaurants, the nearby restaurants, distance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Their menu is beautifully crafted so even a picky eater can make their decision. You can also get money back offers and coupons which you can use to get discounts whenever.

Making payments is super-simple as you simply scan your card through the camera and make fast payment. Eat24 is among the best mainstream food delivery applications.


Other than simply ordering meals to be delivered to your doorstep, Seamless offers extra services to their clients. Seamless offers eGift cards to its customers if it is their birthday or during the holiday seasons.

They have several methods of receiving payments – Android Pay, PayPal, and credit cards. Message pop-ups will keep you informed on how quickly your order is traveling through the queue. Searching for your favorite meals, ordering them and having them delivered to you via Seamless has never been this easy.


The application delivers food in over 450 cities of Canada and the United States combined. There are thousands of restaurants enlisted and you can order from them. You can also track your order to your doorstep if you wish.

If you are placing an order from a restaurant that you have previously ordered from, the process is much faster. There are no minimum orders required to put in a request through this application. Delivery is done at your own convenience and at your own time.


Zomato consolidates combines dining out, food ordering, and social media. This venture has detonated on the delivery and restaurant with operations in 23 countries, with the United States included.

The application gives a comprehensive menu, photos as well as reviews from previous customers. By infusing social media into the dining and food ordering experience, Zomato has made a network of followers who are hoping to proceed with the social piece of eating and connecting even when they are far apart.

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